Artificial Islands Off The Coast Of Israel To Set International Example For Sustainable Living

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Artificial Islands Off The Coast Of Israel To Set International Example For Sustainable Living


The Menorah Islands Project is fully dedicated to committing every square foot of its real estate to improving the world. In this artificial island complex, our innovators didn’t even wait to start their innovations at each of the seven above-water artificial islands in the group—they begin on the roadways to get there.

Based off the coast of Israel, the Menorah Islands have a main trunk (like the candelabra they are named for) and several branches that lead to the complex’s main urban areas on the islands. These branches are comprised of causeways, bridges, and floating sections, all of which support the main roads into the complex.

However, this is no ordinary artificial islands complex. Based on forward-thinking planning and architectural design, the branches are not intended to be just simple roads to get back and forth. There is potential to build around these roads and create a space that not only actively contributes to the Menorah Island Project’s mission of sustainability, but enhances and enforces its overall goal.

Introducing: the concept of causeway living.

These roadways aren’t just ways to enter and exit the islands—they are spaces to live, work, and play. This combination of causeways, bridges, and floating sections extends for a few miles, presenting a grand opportunity to ensure that every square foot of the Menorah Islands contributes to its greater purpose of improving the Middle East. Each portion is built in sections in order to accommodate for boat traffic, as well as to plan around what is best for the ecosystem underneath the structures.

While visitors and residents drive to the main islands, they will witness a wide variety of uses for the space alongside the roads. Single-family homes will house those who love the complex so dearly that they wish to spend their lives in the tranquil and serene space there. A short trip to the main islands and mainland Israel ensures that nobody is more than a few minutes away from the essentials they need, the equivalent of living in a suburb with optimal access to the city.

In addition to the single-family homes that would be built there, farming areas would dot the landscape surrounding the causeways. These agricultural centers would both be used for farming and would employ hydroponics and vertical farming, in order to best utilize the resources available to Menorah Islands residents.

The proposed idea is an unique one, but the Menorah Islands Project is no stranger to new ideas. The Menorah Islands Project is not intended to be like other artificial islands, which means that even the roads in and out are as innovative as the concept itself. By intelligently analyzing how each portion of the artificial island complex would function, the project has created an innovative and useful way to transform basic roads into pathways to future progress.

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