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Artificial Islands Off The Coast Of Israel To Set International Example For Sustainable Living

The Menorah Islands Project is fully dedicated to committing every square foot of its real estate to improving the world. In this artificial island complex, our innovators didn’t even wait to start their innovations at each of the seven above-water artificial islands in the group—they begin on the roadways to get there. Based off the [...]

The Menorah Islands Project Needs You!

Fans of the Menorah Islands Project have already been inspired by its message of peace, economic cooperation and tolerance. Millions of people have seen our message via social media and the tremendous coverage we have received through more traditional outlets! Now that the message is out, it is time to move to the next phase. [...]

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Advanced Natural Agriculture on Artificial Islands

An overhead view of the Menorah Island Project's proposed artificial island complex. The challenge of growing enough food to feed the world has grown more severe in this century.  One of the key aspects of the The Menorah Islands Project is to implement a series of advanced agricultural techniques that will allow residents [...]

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The Seven Towers of the Menorah Islands and the Ancient Pine Cone Symbol

While the final form of the Menorah Islands will certainly go through many permutations based on input from our upcoming feasibility studies, as well as input from the public, our initial vision includes a rather striking architectural feature at the center of each artificial island.   The seven towers and two submersible islands of [...]

What Costa Rica’s 75-day streak of zero fossil fuel usage means for the Menorah Islands Project

An overhead view of one the proposed artificial islands within the Menorah Islands Project One of the cornerstones of the Menorah Islands Project is our commitment to building artificial islands in a way that uses entirely green technologies. Not only are we planning on powering the entire island complex without producing any carbon [...]