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The Menorah Islands Project is more than just an idea.

It’s an ambitious vision for the future of the Middle East. A center for innovation and collaboration, the Menorah Islands Project has the potential to bring the greatest and most committed minds together to build a place where ethnic origin and political alliance no longer matter. A beautiful place to live, work, and vacation, these artificial islands in the Mediterranean Sea would enhance the entire Middle East through education, scientific advancements, and environmentally-friendly practices. They would serve as a forum for collaboration and dialogue between peoples of all Middle Eastern nations, a place to concentrate on growth that could occur when people of all backgrounds collaborate.


Nine islands, one vision

The Menorah Islands Project is an idea for a complex of nine artificial islands and several causeways off the coast of Israel. These islands and causeways would be laid out in the shape of a candelabra, representing the object for which the complex is named. Seven of these artificial islands are permanent, with residential areas, retail, and institutes of higher learning. The outermost islands on either side emerge from the water at different points throughout the year.

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The Menorah Islands Project

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פרוייקט מנורה איילנד

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Do you believe that peace is possible? Do you have an idea that could take this concept to the next level? Share your expertise and talent with us. Click here to volunteer your time. We are actively looking for professionals who are interested in our vision and could help advance what this island complex could look like.

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