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Do you believe that peace is possible?

Do you have an idea that could take the Menorah Islands Project to the next stage?

In the spirit of collaboration, the Menorah Islands Project is reaching out to those who may have an idea to add to our project. Whether it’s a cool new aspect for the artificial islands or practical advice on its features, we’d love to hear from you.

There are two ways to get involved and help the Menorah Islands Project become the ultimate spot for collaboration and cooperation.


The Menorah Islands Project concept is a phenomenal, eye-opening, fresh idea for Middle East peace. But is it possible? We believe it is, and the feasibility studies funded by your generosity would map out exactly what the project needs to do in order to turn this dream into reality.

Currently, the idea is just that—an idea. However, with your confidence in the Menorah Islands Project vision, the project can be scrutinized at every possible angle, from financial to engineering to environmental impact. Those who have hope for the future of peaceful coexistence in the Middle East could help fund experts in a variety of fields who can analyze the idea, give input on its feasibility, and offer modifications to make it happen.

The Menorah Islands Project seeks to prove that economic cooperation is the key to peace in the Middle East. When all groups from all races and creeds come together on common ground with the goal to advance society, hate and bigotry are no longer able to fester. The powerful force of love and hope motivates and inspires the Menorah Islands Project, a vision that the public should join us in supporting.

Professional studies that review feasibility, finances, and more are in the Menorah Islands Project’s future plans, but we need your help to complete them.

If you believe in this message and agree with us that economic cooperation is that key to peaceful coexistence, please find it in your heart to contribute financially to our efforts to make this a reality. Your donation to our not-for-profit organization helps us on our journey to a better world for everyone.




Do you have expertise that could improve our plans? We’d love to hear from you.