The Effect of Tourism on Island Nations

Travel and tourism contributed $7.6 trillion to the global economy in 2016. Not billions -- trillions! According to the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization, the worldwide tourism industry actually surpasses oil exports! According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), 3.2% of the globe’s economy is driven by tourism. Just above 10 percent of [...]

Earth-friendly Innovations on the Menorah Islands

Every April 22nd since 1970 has been celebrated as Earth Day, an international movement which calls attention to the pressing issues facing our environment. From pollution to fossil fuels to global warming, Earth Day mobilizes millions of people in nearly every country and moves them to action. Many communities organize awareness fairs, community clean-ups, education [...]

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Lessons in Interfaith Cooperation Blossom in Spring

There are several Jewish, Christian and Muslim holidays which overlap and coincide throughout the year. The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah and the Muslim New Year Muharram occurred at the same time this past year. Christmas and Hanukkah are tied together in popular culture throughout the world. In the coming days it will be Passover [...]

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How Can Space Influence Your Ideas for Peace?

According to a poll conducted by the Dialogue Institute and Tel-Aviv University, 42 percent of Israelis have never met a Palestinian person. When the two groups are so far apart that many have never even met, it could be difficult to imagine the two groups coming together, let alone exchanging ideas for peace. Yes, the [...]

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The Kids Are Listening: Applauding Efforts to Teach Kids Peace from a Young Age

Make no mistake: the kids are listening! Even if they are too young to understand the intricacies of foreign policy or the complicated nature of human relationships, children pick up on vibes, both positive ones like joy and friendliness and negative ones like fear and anger. They know when their parents, neighbors and teachers are [...]

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Jews and Arabs CAN live side by side – and here’s proof

There’s certainly no shortage of initiatives for Israelis and Palestinians to participate in together. Marches for peace, interfaith soccer leagues, environmental initiatives, charity projects, and so many other projects give us glimmers of hope when the political situation gets tiring. Even with all the negative news out there, ordinary people still get together to break [...]

How The Abrahamic Religions Interpret Peace

On the surface, some may assume that Christianity, Judaism and Islam couldn’t be more different. After all, their houses of worship are different, their holidays are different and their names for God are different. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Christianity, Judaism and Islam are referred to as the “Abrahamic” religions because they [...]

Water: A Substance So Strong, It Even Makes Peace Possible!

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that ample water resources can be difficult to come by in the Middle East. The area is actually the most water-stressed region in the world. Much of the Middle East is a dry, arid desert with few natural resources and a severe lack of rainfall. This means that [...]

Celebrating the miracles of Christmas and Hanukkah all season long

December is full of cheer, and for good reason! Beautiful decorations, holiday parties at work, time off with friends and family – the end of the year brings with it a joyfulness that many look forward to year-round. The countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah begins right after Thanksgiving ends. For both holidays, the countdown is [...]

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Yes, It’s Possible To Pull Water Out Of Thin Air

And It May Solve One Of The Middle East’s (And World’s) Largest Environmental Crises Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Creating something out of nothing – pulling objects out of thin air – was once a trick performed by Harry Houdini. But thanks to atmospheric water generators, an entire humanitarian crisis could be relegated to the [...]

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