Artificial islands off the coast of Israel? It could happen!

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Artificial islands off the coast of Israel? It could happen!

Menorah Island Tower

The Menorah Islands Project

Imagine a place where innovation, industry, and inspiration intersect, a place imbued with meaning, with every last detail designed to improve quality of life. Such a place may not exist yet, but it should.

Introducing, the Menorah Islands Project.

The Menorah Islands Project would enhance the Middle East region through education, innovation, and cooperation. Emphasis on creating and delivering the world’s best is paramount.

The commitment to live and work together would set the stage for a more peaceful Middle East. On the Menorah Islands, those of all faiths could live side by side, sharing a mission and vision to encourage progress and cooperation in the region.

This group of seven permanent, artificial islands and two submersible islands would be built in the shape of a menorah.

The group of islands would consist of seven branches, each with an island at the end. These artificial islands would each have a central tower, which houses a center of study for a particular scientific discipline. Each tower would be surrounded by a large open plaza, where people could meet and share ideas

The islands would have areas for people to work, play, and live. The project would attract thousands of visitors, as well as permanent residents who would be able to live in single or multi-family housing.

The main trunk of the Menorah Islands would serve as the express access route for cars and high-speed Maglev rail. The main road would end in a “T” shape, which connects all the islands. The islands would also be served by a public bus system along each Menorah branch. Intermediate bridges connect each branch for ease of access. Ports would allow for a ferry system and for commercial ships.

Each artificial island would be divided into sections in order to maximize the quality of life for residents and workers. There would be a variety of housing types; innovative mixed-use developments; retail; business, manufacturing, and medical facilities; government buildings and public works; parks; and recreation centers. All of these buildings and areas would connect to cable-free, high speed networks for Internet, TV, and more.

The Menorah Islands would aim to give back to its surroundings with a broad array of environmentally-friendly features. Wind walls, solar panels, atmospheric water generators, tidal energy, and geothermal energy are just a few of the ways that renewable energy sources could be employed on each island.

Advanced agricultural techniques would be applied in the designated agricultural areas of the islands. The biodiversity of the island would be used to its full potential. Growing methods such as hydroponic produce could be implemented.

Each island would house a multi-denominational chapel where members of all faiths can worship. There would also be a religious studies center, where faith groups could gather to advance their knowledge of their faith and the faith of others.

Each artificial island would host a different scientific school or research lab. Each campus – seven in total – would concentrate on a particular field of scientific study.

Parks and recreation are at the heart of leisure in the Menorah Islands. Coastline for beaches, space for parks, and a public amphitheater are only a few of the many options for entertainment on each island.

All parts of the Menorah Islands would be utilized properly. Each branch of the menorah as it leads to its corresponding artificial island would consist of causeways and bridges as the road goes out to sea. Each causeway has room for housing, farmland, and recreational space for fishing and boating.

The group of artificial islands would be flanked by an additional, submersible island on each side. These two fully submersible islands would emerge from the sea at certain set times of the year. The submersible islands would be venues for the study of marine sciences. Underwater transportation would provide access to the partially submerged islands, transporting tourists who wish to explore undersea life.

The Menorah Islands Project is an ambitious vision for the future. However, we can’t do it without your help.

The next step in this epic journey is to conduct a thorough feasibility study to learn what happens next. Every dollar counts as we turn this dream into reality.

To get involved in the Menorah Islands Project, check out our Participation page!

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