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The Effect of Tourism on Island Nations

Travel and tourism contributed $7.6 trillion to the global economy in 2016. Not billions -- trillions! According to the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization, the worldwide tourism industry actually surpasses oil exports! According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), 3.2% of the globe’s economy is driven by tourism. Just above 10 percent of [...]

Jews and Arabs CAN live side by side – and here’s proof

There’s certainly no shortage of initiatives for Israelis and Palestinians to participate in together. Marches for peace, interfaith soccer leagues, environmental initiatives, charity projects, and so many other projects give us glimmers of hope when the political situation gets tiring. Even with all the negative news out there, ordinary people still get together to break [...]

Water: A Substance So Strong, It Even Makes Peace Possible!

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that ample water resources can be difficult to come by in the Middle East. The area is actually the most water-stressed region in the world. Much of the Middle East is a dry, arid desert with few natural resources and a severe lack of rainfall. This means that [...]

The Menorah Islands Projected Selected “Best Story” On Jewish News of Ukraine

The Menorah Islands Project was recently selected as the most popular news story by the Jewish News of Ukraine. Stories were ranked by number of likes, shares and other social media interactions as well as pageviews on the Jewish News of Ukraine’s website. This is not the first time the Menorah Islands Project has been [...]

Islands of Peace Obtains Tax-Exempt Status, Advances Plans For Menorah Islands Project

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Islands of Peace Inc, the primary sponsor of the Menorah Islands Project has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, a key milestone as the project continues to share its message of a peaceful future for all people in the Middle East. [...]

The Menorah Islands Project Has Goals That Will Benefit All Of Mankind

The United Abrahamic Family, Inc (TUAFI): Strategy The Menorah Islands Project is not just about pushing human boundaries and scientific advances to build artificial islands in the Mediterranean Sea. At its heart, the project is an idea for peace and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East. The goal is to pursue economic [...]

Five million! The Menorah Islands Project Proves That The World Wants Peace

Five million, forty four thousand and nine. That is a big number. That’s a number that is bigger than the populations of several states. It’s a number that is the equivalent of filling up Yankee Stadium, then emptying it and filling it up again…over 100 times!     It is also the number of people [...]

The Menorah Islands artificial islands project continues to be shared around the globe

Our vision for everlasting peace in the Middle East through economic cooperation has spread from coast to coast and around the world. Our artificial islands project was recently featured on page 30 of the latest issue of Georgia Engineer magazine, a specialty publication distributed to thousands of engineering professionals. The article enthusiastically covered all aspects [...]

The Menorah Islands Project Takes Flight With Altitude Media

As reported recently across hundreds of media sites, The Menorah Islands Project recently partnered up with Altitude Media to broadcast our message of peace and hope on a major American airline. Together we created a new version of our groundbreaking and exciting video that will be taking flight this July and August on thousands of [...]

Artificial islands off the coast of Israel? It could happen!

Imagine a place where innovation, industry, and inspiration intersect, a place imbued with meaning, with every last detail designed to improve quality of life. Such a place may not exist yet, but it should. Introducing, the Menorah Islands Project. The Menorah Islands Project would enhance the Middle East region through education, innovation, and cooperation. Emphasis [...]