The Menorah Islands Projected Selected “Best Story” On Jewish News of Ukraine

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The Menorah Islands Projected Selected “Best Story” On Jewish News of Ukraine

The Menorah Islands Project was recently selected as the most popular news story by the Jewish News of Ukraine.

Stories were ranked by number of likes, shares and other social media interactions as well as pageviews on the Jewish News of Ukraine’s website.

This is not the first time the Menorah Islands Project has been covered by international news organizations. You can take a look at a full list of media coverage by visiting our media page. The project’s content has been syndicated across many major news outlets, including Reuters, Yahoo! News, The Boston Globe and many others.

In addition, Jewish news organizations such as the Jewish Standard, Jews News and Jewish Business News have also covered The Menorah Islands Project’s unique vision for peace in the Middle East.

Our concept for clean, energy efficient, carbon-neutral artificial islands off the coast of Israel has also been featured in Georgia Engineer, American Water Works Journal and other scientific publications.

Coverage was also achieved in foreign countries. In addition to the Jewish News of Ukraine, the Project was also covered by French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Israeli and many other media sites.

The Menorah Islands Project had some serious competition for this recognition, including news stories about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as well as lighter fare such as stories about Israeli magicians and supermodels.

Recently as well, the Menorah Islands Project primary sponsor, Islands of Peace, Inc. achieved tax-exempt status from the IRS, adding to the momentum.

The Menorah Islands Project is an initiative for peace in the Middle East through economic, environmental and scientific partnership between Israelis and Arabs. By bringing both sides together to solve a non-political problem, we hope to build bridges not just to future artificial islands, but between people as well. We recognize that our project would be among the most ambitious in all of human history, but bold thinking and leadership are the only ways to effect change in the world.

For more information check out our About page. And to get involved take a look at our Participate page.

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