The Menorah Islands Project Has Goals That Will Benefit All Of Mankind

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The Menorah Islands Project Has Goals That Will Benefit All Of Mankind


The United Abrahamic Family, Inc (TUAFI): Strategy

The Menorah Islands Project is not just about pushing human boundaries and scientific advances to build artificial islands in the Mediterranean Sea. At its heart, the project is an idea for peace and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East. The goal is to pursue economic cooperation and shared interests between groups that many believe are at impossible odds with each other.

TUAFI, which stands for The United Abrahamic Family, Inc. is the group of visionaries who have created the Menorah Islands Project idea.

TUAFI has seven main goals:

  1. To purchase and use advanced technology in as many applications as possible;
  2. To advance the study of the sciences;
  3. To use top public planning methods to create a “perfect” city with residential, commercial, mixed use, and public areas;
  4. To be used as a testing ground for future planned cities by allowing other parties to study us;
  5. To combat droughts and water shortages by creating fresh water from salt water and capturing it from the atmosphere;
  6. To minimize impact on or even positively impact the environment by incorporating green technologies such as renewable electricity and urban agriculture; and
  7. To help secure a comfortable financial future for its residents and workers by creating opportunities for employment or otherwise.

TUAFI’s mission for the Menorah Islands Project intends to be carried out in three phases. The first phase is a public awareness campaign; the second phase is to reach out to financiers and professionals who can refine the project and provide a concrete structure for its ideas; and the third phase is to finalize a business plan, including investors who may wish to help us achieve our goals.

Recently, in our first phase, TUAFI wrapped up a months-long campaign that reached people around the world with great success! Millions of people were reached all over the world, at least 40,000 people have backed the idea so far, and press from around the globe explained the project’s utopian goal of a life improved for Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.

Currently, as we move into the later stages of the first phase and transition into the second phase, TUAFI is working with professionals in Israel who will spread the message of cooperation, coordination, and the pursuit of the common good to Jews and Arabs in Israel and the territories.

An Israeli marketing firm is being engaged to reach every single person in Israel and the Palestinian territories, from citizens to key government officials.

An engineering firm that shares our love of peace and the hope for a better future is providing its expertise to TUAFI and the Menorah Islands Project, so our vision is able to come to life in the real world as well.

While these two special initiatives are underway, TUAFI also continues to pursue impact studies that will provide an exact idea of how this complex will affect the physical space off the coast of Israel, the economics of the Middle East, and more.

The next step, the second phase of TUAFI’s goal, is to seek professionals in other fields to help us actualize our dream. In particular, we are looking for: actuaries and other financial experts; engineers; construction experts; and environmental scientists.

TUAFI is open to investors, whose help will make it possible to increase the intensity and the scope of the project. These investors will not only have a future stake in the Menorah Islands Project — they will be given the chance to serve as advisers along with other seasoned experts (architects, engineers, and others) as the project grows. It is important to note that TUAFI does not have tax-exempt status, so contributors must know their investments are not tax-deductible.

The business plan developed in the third phase will be composed of all of these efforts, from the public’s interest to the actual scientific feats it will take to make the dream possible.

Recent statistics show that the gross wealth of Israel in 2013 was $291.4 billion. That may seem like a lot compared to some other Middle Eastern countries, but it does not come close to the $1.33 trillion that New York City alone generated that year. One of the keys to this wealth is tourism — more than 54 million people pass through NYC annually, while only 3.5 million tourists come to Israel.

Israel has the potential to be as active as NYC, and ambitious projects like ours can help increase those numbers. Israel will be the first country on the planet to have this completely revolutionary model city, benefiting private holders, government, and private citizens alike.

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